Special Education

Based on the individual strengths and abilities, the children are divided into different groups. We cater the needs of each child. The children are periodically evaluated and assessed by the professionals.

Training Programmes

Regular workshops and in-service courses are conducted for staffs and parents. Parents are encouraged to share their experiences to face the challenges. In order to train the staffs in-service training and orientation programmes are provided by the institution.

Counselling And Behavioural Therapy

A Clinical Psychologist is working here as staff member, catering the counseling needs of the students and the parents. We pay much attention to the behavioral modification of our children.

Physiotherapy Department

Department of physiotherapy centre is one of the highlights of this institution. We are equipped with an advanced physiotherapy lab. Two physiotherapists are working as full time staffs. A part time Physiatrist Consultant assesses the improvement of the children and suggests therapeutic exercises in each individual case.

Speech Therapy Centre

Three speech therapists give regular training to all and this is always in tune with one’s need.

Sports And Arts

Best coaching is provided to the children in sports, music and arts by experienced and qualified teachers. Our students regularly participate in district and state level competitions and this exposure positively contribute to the overall formation of our students. We have given special coaching to our students and formed a school band.

Vocational Training Centre

Students get training in a variety of items and they interestingly participate in horticulture, tailoring and making candles, agarbathy, envelops and paper bags. They interestingly participate in all these activities.

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